Pocket Palz® for Sponsors

Pocket Palz® are the Safe, Secure and Convenient place for your patrons to keep smartphones handy at Stadium, Arena and other popular outdoor and indoor Venues. This innovative groundbreaking method to Connect Your Brand using Pocket Palz® to reach your target customers 1-­‐ON-­‐1 at sporting, music and other major events is simple. Just place your logo or advertisement on the Pocket Palz® and install on seat backs.

How they Work

Customize your own Ad Panel for each venue including your specific QR Code to engage your target customers.

Pocket Palz® are also ideal as an innovative Ad Platform in Public and Portable Restrooms

Pocket Palz® are constructed using durable plastic and is an innovative functional outdoor and indoor advertising platform to connect your brand with hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of your target customers. Pocket Palz® offers a unique high visibility exposure opportunity to reach your target market.

There are over 2 billion smartphones projected by the end of 2016. Pocket Palz® are the perfect advertising platform for your 21st Century customers.

Advertising Space

Each unit includes two personal advertising spaces.

Unit Dimensions:
6-½” tall x 4” wide x 1” deep. Each unit comes with 3 stainless steel screws and/or 3M VHB tape for quick and easy installation on seat backs or walls.

Two Advertising Spaces:
Bottom: 2-¼” tall x 3-½” wide
Top: 3-¼” high x 3-¾” wide 

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